April 8, 2024

YIMBY Lobby Day

A collaborative effort of the YIMBY movement designed to amplify our voices in the State Capitol.

2024 Priority Bill List

Building the path to more livable, walkable, affordable communities.

Senate Bills

SB 937 (Wiener) Delay of Development Fees

Delays Development Fees to Certificate of Occupancy + Extends Allow home builders to delay the payment of local development and impact fees until a certificate of occupancy is issued for their project, which will lower “carrying costs” and allow them to complete their projects more rapidly.

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SB 1123 (Caballero) Clean Up for SB 684

Clarifies key provisions of SB 684 to ensure its efficacy and usability.

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SB 1211 (Skinner) ADUs in Multi-Family Zones

Continues our progress on ADU development and encourages more ADUs on multifamily properties by providing more flexibility around how ADUs can be built alongside existing multifamily housing.

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SB 1462 (Glazer) Condo Deposit Reform

Allows condo developers to use deposits made by buyers during the pre-sale process to cover construction costs, while upholding protections to ensure the buyer is refunded if the project is not completed. The bill is designed to reduce financing costs of new construction, thereby creating an incentive to builders to develop more affordable condos for purchase.

SB 1462

SB 1470 (Glazer) Condo Right to Repair

Clarifies existing law regarding construction defects in new condominiums, allowing builders a window of time to correct any defects before legal action can be taken against them. The bill also raises standards for repair work to ensure that the builder’s obligations to condominium buyers are met.

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Assembly Bills

AB 1657 (Wicks) Affordable Housing Bond Act of 202

Enacts the Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2024, which, if adopted, would authorize the issuance of bonds up to a specified amount to finance programs relating to affordable rental housing and homeownership programs.

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AB 3068 (Haney) Adaptive Reuse

Deem an adaptive reuse project a use by right in all zones and be subject to a streamlined, ministerial review process.

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AB 1820 (Schiavo) Fee Transparency

Require cities to provide a precise estimate of the fees required for a proposed housing development at the time of building permit application.

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AB 2667 (Santiago) Standardized AFFH Reporting

Authorizes HCD to create standardized reporting formats for jurisdictions’ AFFH analyses and programs in their housing elements. Requires jurisdictions to publish a draft of their sites inventories 180 days prior to adopting their housing elements.

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