California YIMBY works with housing policy experts, elected officials, and grassroots organizations across California to craft and pass legislation at the state and local level that will help accelerate home building, solve the affordable housing crisis, and reduce climate pollution.

As a part of our work, we seek out elected leaders and candidates for office who are committed to solving the housing crisis, and are ready to advance legislation that helps us solve the housing shortage for Californians of all income levels.

During election season, this includes backing pro-housing candidates with resources and support to help ensure the pro-housing point of view is represented in our Legislature.


Senate Endorsements

Senator Nancy Skinner for Senate District 9 D - Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

As a seasoned legislator, Senator Nancy Skinner has led the fight to end regressive zoning policies and advance policies make it easier to build new, affordable homes. Her successful push to pass SB 330 has made it easier for pro-housing advocates across the state to defend new housing proposals against anti-housing city leaders. We are proud to announce our endorsement of Senator Skinner in the 2020 election.

Senator Scott Wiener for Senate District 11 D - San Francisco County

During Senator Wiener’s three years in office, he has established himself a preeminent leader in the pro-housing movement. Senator Wiener has taken bold and substantive action to end California’s housing affordability crisis, and has paved the way for policies to make housing in California more sustainable and affordable. We’re honored to endorse Senator Wiener in the 2020 election.

Dave Cortese for Senate District 15 D - Santa Clara County

Supervisor Cortese is a leading local elected YIMBY in Santa Clara County. He is a skilled consensus builder, and his commitment to legalizing more homes will help us make strides on future legislation.

Secretary John Laird for Senate District 17 D - San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Clara Counties

Laird served as the Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency under Gov. Jerry Brown. As the elected Assemblymember representing the 27th District, he championed affordable housing and expanded housing opportunities for renters.

Abigail Medina for Senate District 23 D - San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties

As a community activist and school board member, Abigail understands the connection between housing, education, and quality of life. She’ll be a strong fighter for environmental, education, and housing justice.

Senator Lena Gonzalez for Senate District 33 D - Los Angeles County

Sen. Gonzalez is a housing champion in the LA basin. Her leadership on bills like AB 1410, which would have protected tenants affected by COVID-19, is important to ensuring that California offers robust protections for renters and tenants alongside incentives to build more affordable homes.

Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins for Senate District 39 D - San Diego County

President Pro Tempore Atkins is one of the most valuable allies to the YIMBY movement, and the lead author of SB 1120. Her leadership helps keep the pro-housing agenda at the top of the legislative priority list, which is a vital component of helping ensure the legislature addresses the housing shortage and affordability crisis.

Assembly Endorsements

Assemblymember Kiley for Assembly District 6 R - El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento Counties

Asm. Kiley was a co-author of SB 50, one of the most transformative housing bills introduced in California in generations. He has been a consistent supporter of legalizing and streamlining the production of more homes, and is among the strongest housing champions in the Republican caucus.

Assemblymember Grayson for Assembly District 14 D - Contra Costa and Solano Counties

Asm. Grayson introduced a bill package in 2020 that would have made housing more affordable across our state by reducing excessive fees and local delays on housing. Although these bills did not advance, they were important contributions that helped educate legislators about the need for fundamental reforms in areas like local fees and permitting.

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks for State Assembly District 15 D - Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Asm. Wicks is a housing hero who needs no introduction. In addition to co-authoring SB 50, she pushed AB 725 and AB 1851 onto the Governor’s desk this year, making it easier for faith-based organizations to build affordable homes on their properties and accelerating progress on “missing middle” homes for middle-income workers.

Assemblymember David Chiu for State Assembly District 17 D - San Francisco

Asm. David Chiu chairs the Assembly Housing Committee, and is one of the most pro-housing legislators in California. Asm. Chiu authored AB 1482, one of the most important tenant protection laws in state history, as well as AB 1905, which would have created a fund to provide housing to people experiencing homelessness. He is a champion for promoting affordable housing and expanding access to opportunity in California.

Assemblymember Ting for Assembly District 19 D - San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

Asm. Ting is a stalwart housing champion who continued to show his strong leadership this year: Three of his housing bills, AB 69, AB 2553, and AB 3182, reached the governor’s desk and are awaiting signature; the bills would provide a fund for homeowners seeking to build ADUs; accelerate construction of shelters for people experiencing homelessness; and make it legal for renters to live in buildings owned by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA).

Alex Lee for Assembly District 25 D - Alameda and Santa Clara Counties

Alex is a grassroots housing activist who represents a next generation of Californians, who are disproportionately affected by the housing crisis and ready to usher in a new generation of housing leadership.

Assemblymember Robert Rivas for Assembly District 30 D - Monterey, Sen Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties

Asm. Rivas has long been a champion of workforce housing and affordable housing for farmworkers, and continued his leadership this year with AB 3155, a visionary attempt to legalize “missing middle” housing for middle-income workers. While that bill did not advance, Asm. Rivas worked tirelessly to manage SB 1120, which would have legalized duplexes statewide, to a successful “yes” vote in one of the most unusual housing “victories” of the session.

Assemblymember Laura Friedman for Assembly District 43 D - Los Angeles County

As a leading champion of housing in Los Angeles, Asm. Friedman authored AB 67 and AB 2323, which sought to expand production of “granny flats” and streamline outdated state rules on housing. She has been a strident advocate for more housing since her time on the Burbank City Council.

Assemblymember Richard Bloom for State Assembly District 50 D - Los Angeles County

Asm. Bloom is a leader in crafting innovative ADU legislation that has led to a boom in new “granny flats.” He authored AB 881 and AB 3107, which would have expanded ADU availability and allowed for housing in commercial zones.

Councilmember Chris Ward for Assembly District 78 D - San Diego County

Councilmember Ward is one of the leading YIMBY elected officials in Southern California. His regional work in San Diego, support of SB 50, and continuous support of pro-housing measures make him a strong candidate for AD 78.

Assemblymember Weber for Assembly District 79 D - San Diego County

Dr. Weber has been a powerful advocate for addressing the connection between racial inequity and housing policy. Her leadership on Prop. 16, and her support on AB 68, AB 1482, and SB 330 make her an invaluable voice for reform in the legislature and a consistent pro-housing legislator.