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The California YIMBY Research Index

California YIMBY is committed to advancing a policy agenda informed by the best available social scientific research. Learn more about our research catalog.

Research Catalog


Read the latest research reports from the California YIMBY Education Fund.

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Bringing data to life and illustrating the housing landscape. Learn more about the state of housing in California by exploring our mapping projects.

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Research Bounty

California YIMBY is launching a research bounty program to make our research and data needs clear, reward those who volunteer to help fill these needs, and generally increase our research output without all of the typical overhead and bureaucracy.

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Resources and Ongoing Projects


Support pro-housing candidates. California YIMBY works with housing policy experts, elected officials, and grassroots organizations across California to craft and pass legislation at the state and local level that will help accelerate home building, solve the affordable housing crisis, and reduce climate pollution.

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Policy Framework

What does victory look like for the urban abundance movement? And how do we get there? California YIMBY’s policy framework is our attempt to answer that question.

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Metropolitan Abundance Project

Introducing the Metropolitan Abundance Project, a new policy center that will arm the urban wing of the abundance movement with the tools necessary to create the prosperous, vibrant, small-d democratic cities of the future.

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