California YIMBY is committed to advancing a policy agenda informed by the best available social scientific research. This value extends to our YIMBY teams and  partner organizations: we are committed to providing our grassroots activists with  the resources they need to promote evidence-based policies at the state and local levels.

We have created this catalog of housing scholarship to better inform our advocacy agenda. We hope that YIMBYs will use this compendium to better  understand housing policy and advance their work as well. This incomplete and  living document reflects our best effort to aggregate the research sent to us by allies,  activists, and academics. We do not endorse each paper listed in this document, and  we sometimes find it helpful to read studies that contradict our assumptions or  policy positions. If you would like to add to this research catalog or find errors, please connect with Ryan Joy

We will periodically revise this document. While we appreciate and encourage  feedback, please understand that our staff may not be able to address your comments and suggestions immediately. Happy reading!

Research Catalog