California’s thriving economy continues to be the workhorse of American prosperity. In recent years, our innovative companies and highly-skilled workforce have propelled the Golden State to the sixth largest economy in the world.

However, there’s huge trouble on the horizon: We need to construct more homes for all Californians; if we don’t, we jeopardize not only our ability to attract and retain employees and their families, but also our state’s fiscal well-being.

Between 2009 and 2014, California added an astonishing 77,000 more households than homes. We’re not even adding enough homes to accommodate our own children born in California, let alone job-seekers and others seeking a better life in the Golden State.

Thankfully, we know what needs to be done to help alleviate pressure on our straining housing markets. State Sen. Scott Wiener’s Transit-Rich Housing Act, SB 827, offers the most significant step forward on housing, transportation, and renter protections in generations. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group strongly supports this bill and is working to see that it becomes law.