Our Research

California YIMBY is committed to advancing a policy agenda informed by the best available social scientific research. This value extends to our YIMBY teams and  partner organizations: we are committed to providing our grassroots activists with  the resources they need to promote evidence-based policies at the state and local levels

California Progressivism is Just Getting Started

California Progressivism is Just Getting Started

Anyone unfortunate enough to spend time watching Fox News will come to discover that Berkeley, Calif. is the right-wing’s favorite toponym for progressivism. It’s nothing new; for decades Berkeley has been a favorite epithet for Republicans looking to tar some liberal...

How Many New Homes Should California Build?

With each passing year, California’s housing crisis has grown worse. Past decisions by our state’s cities and counties to reduce the number of homes it is legal to build have caused high rents, low affordability, and an exodus of middle-income Californians from our...