Homelessness is a housing problem

The state of California has dedicated billions of dollars to addressing homelessness, but the results are sorely lacking: California’s crisis of homelessness continues to get worse. 

In contrast, Houston, Texas has managed to cut homelessness in half over the past decade and house more than 25,000 people—all while spending less, on a per-person basis, than California. 

Houston’s secret: abundant, low-cost housing. 

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The new report, “Housing Abundance as a Condition for Ending Homelessness: Lessons from Houston, Texas,” offers a primer on the successful policy interventions leaders in Houston have used to successfully provide permanent, affordable housing to residents suffering from homelessness.

These interventions include:

  • Breaking down barriers that prevent an overall abundance of housing in high-demand markets
  • Eliminating zoning and related restrictions on the construction of extremely-low- and no-income housing
  • Permanently funding subsidized housing to create longer-term certainty and achieve economies of scale
  • Consolidating authority to direct “Housing First”-related actions and programs
  • Increasing wages for low-income workers to reduce risk of falling into homelessness
  • Enforce local compliance with existing state law and budgetary requirements for the provision of subsidized housing and wrap-around services

You can download the report by clicking here. THANK YOU in advance for being part of the pro-housing movement, and for helping to share this report and our video with as many people as you can! Together, we can help house our neighbors in a more affordable, equitable, and climate-resilient California. 

Ned Resnikoff, Policy Director

California YIMBY

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