Statement from Brian Hanlon, CEO of California YIMBY, on the failure of the NIMBY ballot initiative

February 18, 2022
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For Immediate Release


Melanie Slocum

Sacramento, Calif.
 – Today California YIMBY CEO Brian Hanlon released the following statement in response to the failure of the Brand-Huang-Mendoza “Tripartisan Land Use Initiative” to qualify for the November ballot:

“An overwhelming majority of Californians understand that we have a housing shortage and affordability crisis in our cities, and that the solution is to make it legal to build more homes,” said Brian Hanlon, CEO of California YIMBY. “While most California cities are adapting to new state laws that will make it easier to provide housing for everyone, a few bad actors think they don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else. With the failure of this ballot measure to qualify, they’re finding that, outside of their exclusionary neighborhood bubbles, their ideas are as unpopular as they are harmful.

“When it comes to housing, I am confident that our state legislature will continue to act in the best interest of all Californians, and that the rule of law will prevail. I also encourage the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development and Attorney General to pay close attention to the housing elements submitted by the cities that signed on to this ballot initiative. No one is above the law.”

About California YIMBY: California YIMBY is a community of neighbors who welcome more neighbors. We believe that an equitable California begins with abundant, secure, affordable housing. We focus on housing and land use policy at the state and local level to ensure grassroots organizers and city leaders have the tools they need to accelerate home building.