News from Sacramento: State Senate 2024 Committee Assignments

February 08, 2024

Hot off the presses!

Senate President pro Tempore Mike McGuire just announced his leadership team and committee chairs for the 2024 legislative session. The following Senators will form the Democratic leadership:

  • Senator Lena A. Gonzalez (D-Long Beach), Majority Leader
  • Senator Angelique V. Ashby (D-Sacramento), Assistant Majority Leader
  • Senator Aisha Wahab (D-Hayward), Assistant Majority Leader
  • Senator Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara), Democratic Caucus Chair
  • Senator Dave Cortese (D- San Jose), Majority Whip
  • Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles), Assistant Majority Whip
  • Senator Steve Padilla (D-San Diego), Assistant Majority Whip

The following Senators were appointed Chairs of their respective Committees:

  • Agriculture: Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-Bakersfield)
  • Budget: Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco)
  • Appropriations: Senator Anna Caballero (D-Merced)
  • Housing: Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley)
  • Banking and Financial Institutions: Senator Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara)
  • Business Committee: Senator Angelique V. Ashby (D-Sacramento)
  • Education: Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton)
  • Elections: Senator Catherine Blakespear (D-Encinitas)
  • Energy, Utilities and Communications: Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena)
  • Environmental Quality: Senator Benjamin Allen (D-Santa Monica)
  • Governmental Organization: Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa)
  • Health: Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside)
  • Human Services: Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil (D-Jackson)
  • Insurance: Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park)
  • Judiciary: Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana)
  • Labor, Public Employment and Retirement: Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas (D-Los Angeles)
  • Local Government: Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles)
  • Military and Veterans Affairs: Senator Bob Archuleta (D-Pico Rivera)
  • Natural Resources and Water: Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine)
  • Public Safety: Senator Aisha Wahab (D-Hayward)
  • Revenue and Taxation: Senator Steve M. Glazer (D-Contra Costa)
  • Rules: Senate President pro Tempore Mike McGuire (D-North Coast)
  • Transportation: Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose)
  • Legislative Ethics: Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose)
  • Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Education: Senator John Laird (D-Santa Cruz)
  • Budget Subcommittee No. 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy: Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park)
  • Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Health and Human Services: Senator Caroline Menjivar (D-San Fernando Valley)
  • Budget Subcommittee No. 4 on State Administration and General Government: Senator Steve Padilla (D-San Diego)
  • Budget Subcommittee No. 5 on Corrections, Public Safety, Judiciary, Labor and Transportation: Senator Aisha Wahab (D-Hayward)

These are the first full committee assignments for Senate President pro Tempore Mike McGuire, who took on the role after former President pro Tempore Toni Atkins stepped aside this month.  California YIMBY extends our congratulations to all the new appointed Chairs and Committee members; we look forward to working with these committees to help make California more affordable and equitable for everyone. 

Stay tuned to future editions of The Homework, and follow the California YIMBY Twitter channel, @cayimby, to stay up to date on developments on legislative policy committees and related news.

California YIMBY is also in the final stages of developing our legislative package for the 2024 legislative year. More to come on our priority bills in the coming weeks.