California YIMBY Statement on Failure of Housing Production Package 

August 21, 2020

“The Legislature has failed the people of California”

Today California YIMBY co-founder and CEO Brian Hanlon released the following statement regarding the failure of the California Legislature to advance most major housing production bills during the current session:

“With its refusal to pass a housing production package that addresses the depths of the housing shortage, the California Legislature has once again failed the people of California,” Hanlon said. “Both the Assembly and Senate introduced housing bill packages earlier this year that would have made real differences in the lives of Californians, but legislative leaders failed to work  together to pass complimentary legislation. 

“The Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees killed several good housing bills today; other committees killed or weakened good housing bills last week; and authors withdrew good bills over intense opposition from major special interest groups.

“While I’m thankful that three of California YIMBY’s sponsored bills made it to the floor, the massacre of legislation to help end California’s housing crisis is inexcusable,” Hanlon said. “Our Legislators get to go home today to housing that the vast majority of them own — they have housing security. Their refusal to act on behalf of the millions of Californians who have no such security is shameful.”

“While we’re disappointed in this outcome, California YIMBY exists to fight for more affordable housing for everyone — and the Legislature’s failure to act today means we’re going to have to fight even harder.”