Infill Budget Ask

One of the main barriers identified by local governments to building more homes near jobs, schools, and transit, is a lack of adequate infrastructure to support additional infill development. We are asking the state to invest $5 billion (over a period of three to five years) in a retooled Infill Infrastructure Grant program, which is the state’s primary source of funds for infill oriented infrastructure.

The policy changes we’re requesting would ensure HCD has the means and discretion to fund capital infrastructure projects in qualifying infill areas or specific sites that are most consistent with any adopted Sustainable Community Strategy, and other efforts to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and associated GHG emissions.

30×30 Budget Ask

As a key strategy for meeting California’s ambitious climate goals, the state has committed to conserving 30 percent of its lands and waters by 2030. To meet the “30×30” goal, California will need to conserve approximately six million acres of land and 500,000 acres of coastal waters in the next eight years.

We believe that California’s sustainable growth must be paired with a thoughtful conservation of our natural resources. Climate resiliency will require our state to build abundant housing in urbanized areas and invest in protecting California’s biodiversity and sensitive environments.

We are asking the legislature to expand funding to implement the 30×30 plan by appropriating $2 billion over two years ($1 billion annually) for biodiversity conservation and $1 billion for coastal protection and resilience

Connected Bikeway Ask

In California, safe routes for people to travel by bicycle are rare; where they do exist, they are usually incomplete: Imagine a car lane that only went for 4 blocks, and then stopped – that approach is typical of bike lane development in the Golden State. Without safe, complete connections, people who travel by bicycle are forced into traffic, onto the sidewalk (which is illegal), or on long, inconvenient detours. 

Many more Californians say they would like to travel by bicycle, but cite the lack of complete bicycle lane networks as a major impediment. 

California YIMBY is partnering with CalBike and other safe streets partners to advocate for The Connected Bikeway Network Grant Program. The program will fund expedited planning and construction of whole networks of bikeways and related programs to enable more Californians to choose bikes over cars.