Sponsored Legislation

AB 1075

Status: Died in Committee

AB 1075 would make it legal for cities to allow up to 10 homes on lots that currently ban multi-family housing. Multi-family homes are currently banned on over 70 percent of the urban land in California; these bans are the single largest barrier to housing affordability in the state.

AB 1075 would legalize “naturally affordable” homes in cities across the state, while protecting existing communities from displacement. The bill will not apply to homes that have been rented in the previous three years; homes subject to rent control; or deed-restricted, low-income housing.

The bill also exempts areas with severe wildfire risk, and retains the authority of local governments to enforce objective design standards, setback and minimum lot size requirements, and height limits.

Updates: AB 1075 died in committee in 2021.

Authors: Wicks (D, AD 15)

Sponsors: California YIMBY