How the Housing Crisis Impacts You

Understanding California’s Housing Shortage

The Housing Crisis and Climate Change

California’s housing shortage and affordability crisis is increasing the pollution that causes climate change, exacerbating the risk of deadly and destructive wildfires while simultaneously forcing more Californians to live in harms’ way.

Workers Build California

Legalizing more homes in our communities can lead to a virtuous cycle of both more affordable homes, and good-paying jobs for workers seeking better pay: Instead of leaving California for jobs building homes in other states, construction workers can return to the Golden State, build the homes we need, and contribute to making our state more affordable and equitable – while earning a good living.

Homelessness Is A Housing Problem

California’s housing shortage and affordability crisis have forced hundreds of thousands of Californians into homelessness – the main driver of homelessness is housing costs. When housing is too scarce, and therefore too expensive, people with little or no income are more likely to find themselves on the street.

Affordable Housing For Everyone

While tens of thousands of Californians live in subsidized affordable housing, there is not nearly enough to satisfy demand. A shortage of available units, and a related shortage of subsidies, means that in most California cities, waiting lists for subsidized affordable housing are often five to 10 years long.