“We must change from a city that shouts, ‘Not in my backyard’ to one that proclaims: ‘Yes in my backyard!’—San Diego goes YIMBY

January 28, 2019

Something awesome is happening in San Diego.

In the face of climate change, skyrocketing rent and home costs, and a housing crisis squeezing the middle class, Kevin Faulconer, San Diego’s mayor recently announced a series of proposals to face these issues head on.

In a series of tweets and proposals announced on San Diego’s 250th anniversary, the mayor proposed bold solutions to curb the homelessness and housing crisis:

You can read the full Twitter thread here.

We’re excited to work with San Diegans to pass Senate Bill 50, The More HOMES Act, and more in 2019 to solve the critical issues, and declare together, “yes in my back yard!”

For more on how Senate Bill 50 would impact San Diego and California, you can read this fantastic writeup from our friends at YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County.

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