The Housing Crisis and K-12 Education—Prabhu from AHLA Speaks Up

July 19, 2019

“I work with schools in educationally underserved communities across California. I can no longer be silent during this housing crisis. I’m speaking up for the children in our community, because the crisis is having a terrible impact on their education.

I have worked with school principals in San Francisco, East Palo Alto, East San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Redwood City, San Lorenzo, and West Oakland. I keep hearing the same story— students, families, and teachers can’t afford California’s high housing costs. They are being pushed out of their communities.

Students are experiencing gaps in their education because of rising rents and housing instability. Full-time teachers are forced to live with roommates, and many are leaving the state. Schools are struggling to raise teacher salaries to compete with rent increases.

The single largest driver of suffering in our state is that we lack enough homes for everyone. If housing was more abundant, rent would be lower. Individuals abusing their power at the local level to block new housing that should be approved.

Building more homes will reduce the number of families who are living in overcrowded apartments. Building more homes means fewer students will move mid-year and disrupt their education. Building more homes will allow more teachers to live in the communities where they teach.

I believe housing is the most significant lever for improving the lives of all Californians, especially the most vulnerable. It’s clear to me that our children are suffering from this housing crisis. The time for action is now. Our students, families, and teachers can’t wait.”

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