Statement of California YIMBY CEO Brian Hanlon on Senate Vote to Reject SB 50 – the More HOMES Act

January 30, 2020

Sacramento, CA – Today California YIMBY President and CEO Brian Hanlon offered the following statement in response to the state Senate’s 18 – 15 vote against SB 50, the More HOMES Act:

“Today, the Senate failed to advance SB 50, the More HOMES Act, which will make life harder for millions of California’s struggling to afford rent, buy a home, or find safe, secure shelter,”  Hanlon said. “California leads the nation in homelessness, poverty, and housing unaffordability, which the state Senate voted to maintain today.

“But California YIMBY is staying in this fight. We’ve built a fast-growing, statewide movement for housing reform, with over 75,000 members dedicated to ensuring all Californians and future Californians have a home. YIMBYs across the state are engaging their neighbors, getting involved in local and regional housing discussions, and changing the conversation about housing.

“We may have lost this vote, but California YIMBY isn’t giving up. We are committed to passing major housing production legislation this year. We believe in a California for everyone, where no one is shackled by the circumstances of their birth or bad luck to achieve their full potential. California YIMBY calls upon our allies and supporters to continue the fight for broad-based housing affordability, and to help elect pro-housing candidates in every jurisdiction in the state — and every seat in the legislature.”