Leaders don’t shy away from solving major problems.

Tell lawmakers in Sacramento that Californians need them to lead on housing and pass comprehensive solutions to ending the housing crisis this year.

Senate Bill 50 — the More HOMES Act — is California’s best bet to produce enough affordable housing to combat the statewide housing crisis.

Three separate polls have found a supermajority of Californians support SB 50’s goal of building more homes near jobs and transit — even if that means overriding “local control.”

Unfortunately, the State Senate failed to give Senate Bill 50 a full vote in 2019.

Despite that setback, California YIMBY is 100% committed to passing meaningful, comprehensive legislation to tackle the housing crisis this year.

We simply can’t wait until 2020.

The affordable housing crisis is harming the people who live and work in our communities — teachers, nurses, and seniors — and we must take action now to build more homes.

People should be able to afford to live near where they work– and our kids and grandkids shouldn’t have to leave CA because they can’t afford a home.

California must build more affordable housing where we need it most — near jobs and transit.

State lawmakers must act this year to solve California’s affordable housing crisis.

The YIMBY movement of people saying YES IN MY BACKYARD has grown to tens of thousands in California in the last year. We’ll win this fight with your help — tell Sacramento leaders to support the More HOMES Act today.