One legislator’s solution to California’s housing crisis

January 24, 2018

“…the reality is that California is strangling itself and has been for a long time. People get almost immune to hearing about the housing crisis, it’s just words. Look at the real human cost of what’s happening, homelessness being the most visible sign. Look at the number of people who are leaving, middle class families who just can’t make a go of it, seniors struggling to stay in their homes, young people who just can’t make it,” say Bay Area State Senator Scott Wiener.

“It’s just not acceptable for rents and housing costs to be as high as they are. At the heart of all of this is that as a state, we under-produce by about 100,000 housing units every year, and we have a housing debt that’s growing. We can’t just do little changes and nips and tucks. Building dense housing around transit is one of the most pro-affordability and pro-sustainability things we can do.”