League of Women Voters of California Endorses SB 50 – The More Homes Act

October 28, 2019

“Confronting the Legacy of Exclusion” — Bill to Expand Housing Near Jobs, Transit, Services Gains Momentum in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA – California YIMBY today announced that the League of Women Voters of California has endorsed Senate Bill 50, the More Homes Act, which would help accelerate homebuilding near jobs and transit by legalizing affordable, multi-family homes in cities throughout the state.

The endorsement comes in advance of the state legislature continuing its debate on the bill this winter. 

“SB 50 confronts the legacy of racist redlining that has translated into segregation, dislocation, inequitable development patterns, and lack of affordable housing,” said Dora Rose, Deputy Director of the League of Women Voters of California. “By incorporating protections to sensitive communities and inclusionary requirements, the More Homes Act begins to address the critical need to promote housing equity for communities of color and those with low-income.”

The More Homes Act includes provisions that would allow multi-family housing, such as fourplexes and low-rise apartment buildings, near jobs and transit in urban areas throughout the state where they are currently prohibited by restrictive zoning codes. Many of these restrictive codes were enacted in the 1970s to prevent more people from living in California’s cities; for example, in 1962 Los Angeles was zoned for 10 million people — but today, it is zoned for just 4.3 million, and only single-family homes are permitted on 75 percent of LA’s residentially-zoned land. 

“We’re honored to have the League of Women Voters of California join us in our efforts to make sure California really is for everyone,” said Brian Hanlon, President and CEO of California YIMBY. “The League brings decades of experience of grassroots leadership, and are known for advocating for solutions only after careful consideration and study.  

“While we’ve continued to make progress in addressing the California housing shortage, we still need the fundamental changes included in the More Homes Act — and having the support of the League will help us engage an even broader coalition of Californians to advance the real solutions included in the legislation.”

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