California YIMBY Applauds Governor Gavin Newsom’s New Transit Policy

September 26, 2019

Executive Order Boosts Funding for Transit Near Infill Housing

Statement from California YIMBY President & CEO Brian Hanlon

Sacramento, CA – Today California YIMBY released the following statement congratulating Governor Gavin Newsom for his leadership in signing an executive order on housing, transit, and climate change:

“In order to solve the housing crisis, we need to make sure we’re building new homes while also boosting access to high-quality transit — and Governor Newsom’s executive order will help us get there,” said Brian Hanlon, President and CEO of California YIMBY. “The housing crisis is also exacerbating traffic and climate pollution, and it’s encouraging to see the Governor of our state take a comprehensive approach toward solutions.”

According to the California Air Resources Board, due in large part to the housing crisis, pollution from vehicles continues to grow as workers are forced to commute longer distances from their homes to places of employment. By directing state transportation agencies, especially the California Department of Transportation, to focus its spending on efforts to reduce vehicle miles traveled, state leaders can create incentives for infill housing while they work to reduce barriers to new homes in existing urban areas.

“California cities have plenty of room for more residents. Smart investments in transportation infrastructure will mitigate traffic and pollution for all California cities, especially those that welcome new neighbors,” Hanlon said. “In fact, researchers at the University of California have found that the number one thing most California cities can do to reduce pollution is to increase urban housing density and invest in alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles. We’re grateful that Governor Newsom understands this, and ask that he continue to work closely with stakeholders in determining how to best move forward.”

Learn more about the Governor’s Executive Order here.

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