Could a Housing Bill Fight Segregation in San Francisco? — Unintended Consequences

January 21, 2018

SB 827 would allow people of all income levels to live near transit. It promotes racial justice by preempting low-density “snob” zoning in wealthy suburbs with strong transit access.

It would also help ease the disproportionate burden for building currently on low-income POC communities by encouraging multi-unit construction in low-density wealthy white neighborhoods. Zoning for density makes building new homes in place of single-family homes more cost-effective replacing existing apartments.

Low-density zoning exacerbates racial housing segregation, displacement, and income inequality. It was developed for the purpose of exclusion, and it’s still having that effect today. Striking mandates requiring the land around transit be used only for single-family homes with large front yards and parking spots is just common-sense. But it also helps move San Francisco away from our history of race-based housing patterns and toward becoming a more equitable, inclusive city.