It’s a scary time, and we’re taking care of each other

March 19, 2020

We’ve all been rocked by the novel coronavirus. No matter who you are or where you live, this is a situation that demands solidarity. We must do our best to take care of each other and follow expert advice on staying safe and healthy.

We don’t work in public health, so we aren’t going to offer advice, other than to suggest you follow the recommendations of your local county health department. You can find state health information on COVID-19, and a list of all of California’s local public health departments, here:

Here at California YIMBY, we’re following state health department guidelines and have mandated telework and cancelled in-person meetings. The health and safety of our team members is always our number one priority, and we’re being rigorous in heeding the recommendations of professionals in the field — and urge you to do the same.

We’re also keeping track of how COVID-19 is impacting our neighbors, supporting efforts at the city and state level to protect vulnerable people from eviction and foreclosure — and to protect everyone in our state experiencing homelessness.

While COVID-19 compels us to change our business operations, we’re continuing our work to end the housing shortage and build a California for everyone. We’re still meeting (virtually and on the phone) with partners, legislators, and the Governor’s office to pass a comprehensive housing package this year. If anything, this public health crisis reveals how urgent and important our work is to end the housing crisis, as many Californians wonder how they’ll afford sky-high housing costs while their paychecks shrink — or disappear.

We’ll not have much more to say on COVID-19 — please, follow the real experts — but when there are opportunities to weigh in on the housing component, we will. You can track our positions on our Twitter feed at @cayimby, or on Facebook at

We hope all of you, and all the people you love, are staying safe during this anxious time.

Be well,


Brian Hanlon
President & CEO
California YIMBY