California YIMBY’s statement on AB 1484

September 09, 2019

Today Brian Hanlon, President and CEO of California YIMBY, released the following statement on the Legislature’s inaction on fee reform through AB 1484 (Grayson):

“AB 1484, which would reform how local governments assess fees on new home building, was held today as a two-year bill because legislators were unable to agree on how to proceed. We thank Assemblymember Grayson for his leadership on AB 1484 and look forward to working with him next year to make California affordable for everyone. 

California YIMBY is disappointed in this stalemate. We call on the Legislature to heed the recommendations of the UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation and prevent local governments from imposing fees that worsen the housing affordability crisis. 

Some local governments require fees on new home building in excess of $100,000 per home. Fees this high are guaranteed to worsen our housing affordability crisis. California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office has blamed excessive fees as one reason for the precipitous decline in housing permits in our state. 

Unless the Legislature curtails these usurious fees imposed by many local governments, Californians will continue to suffer from higher rent burdens, displacement, increased homelessness, reduced upward social mobility, and crushed dreams of homeownership.”