Granny Flats. Backyard Bungalows. Tiny Homes.

Whatever you want to call them (their official name is “Accessory Dwelling Units,” or ADUs), these homes are a key piece of the puzzle to fixing the California housing crisis.

And they’re super popular! ADUs can be built on the same property as existing single-family homes, meaning they’re good for homeowners and renters alike. It gets better: You can convert a garage or basement into an ADU, which means the unused or under-used space in your home can play a big role in helping provide housing for someone who needs a place to live.

ADUs empower homeowners who want to add a unit to their property. These granny flats fit seamlessly into existing neighborhoods — you probably have a few on your block and don’t know it — and are a great way for homeowners to make extra money and ensure there are more housing units available. 

At the end of the day, we need lots of creative solutions that work in our neighborhoods if we’re going to build the 3.5 million units of housing Californians need.

That’s why we’re excited to support these three bills in the California legislature that would make it easier for homeowners to add ADUs to their properties:

  • AB 68 prevents cities from using loopholes to block construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also known as “Granny Flats.” The bill also allows the construction of a second, “junior” ADU. This could lead to tens of thousands of new homes across the state.
  • AB 881 eliminates owner-occupancy rules for Accessory Dwelling Units. Right now, owner-occupancy rules are inhibiting the construction of ADUs in many parts of the state.
  • SB 13 targets barriers to constructing ADUs, including excessive impact fees, and creates a pathway to bring unpermitted units up to code.

If we’re going to get these bills on to Governor Newsom’s desk for signing, we’re going to need our fellow YIMBYs to contact their legislators.

Will you pledge to take action when the legislature comes back in session?