AB 309 — Social Housing

This bill establishes the intent to create the California Housing Authority, an independent state agency with the ability to construct housing and lease it to a mix of household income ranges through both an ownership and rental model. The Authority would ensure rent and mortgage payments are affordable to residents at no more than 30% of their monthly income.

The Authority will also seek to be “revenue neutral” – that is, not require ongoing subsidies – through the use of cross-subsidies from the rent and mortgage payments of moderate- and above moderate-income households; these payments would be structured to subsidize the below-market rate rents paid by low-income households. 

Countries with successful social housing programs have proven the effectiveness of the mixed-income, cross-subsidization model; the creation of a California Housing Authority would bring this model to our state, providing Californians of all income levels access to stable, affordable housing for rent and ownership.

Authors: Lee (D, AD 24), Carrillo (D, AD 52), Kalra (D, AD 25)

Resources: AB 309

Sponsors: California YIMBY, YIMBY Action, East Bay For Everyone



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