More HOMES Act Community Co-Sponsor

You’re about to become a key player in our efforts to solve California’s housing crisis.

By endorsing the More HOMES Act as a Community Co-Sponsor, you’ll be joining thousands of your neighbors who want to make California a more affordable place to live. The More HOMES Act will empower communities with new tools that help accelerate home building near transit stations, and in areas with abundant economic and educational opportunities for workers and families.

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I am a Community Co-Sponsor of SB 50, the More Housing, Opportunity, Mobility, Equity, and Stability Act (the “More HOMES Act”).

The More HOMES Act creates new incentives for the construction of housing within one-half mile of existing transit stations in California cities, and includes protections against displacement for renters and sensitive communities living in those areas. I believe More HOMES is exactly the kind of legislation we need to help relieve the acute housing shortage in California’s cities, preserve our community heritage, relieve the horrible traffic congestion on our freeways and help reduce the pollution that causes climate change.