SB 1120

SB 1120 would have made it legal to build two homes on every property zoned for single-family homes in California. It would have also allowed single-family properties to be split into two lots, increasing the total potential to four homes (two primary residences and two ADUs).

The bill sought to legalize neighborhood-scale residential development like duplexes, substantially increasing the amount of housing available in neighborhoods throughout the state.

Additionally, this bill would have respected the priorities of local governments and existing residents by subjecting the changes to the following requirements:

  • Eligibility limited to urban areas
  • Compliance with objective zoning and design standards (such as height and floor area ratio)
  • Prohibited in historic districts or environmentally-sensitive areas (farmland, wetlands, protected species habitat)
  • Severely limits alteration or demolition of existing structures
  • Prohibits disruption of existing affordable housing, rent-controlled housing, or housing recently leased to a tenant
  • Guarantees provision of adequate parking
  • Any lot split must create two parcels of equal size that are at least 1,200 sq. ft.
  • Allows local governments to limit ADU applications on parcels that exercise the provisions of SB 1120

SB 1120 has been reintroduced as SB 9.

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Author: Senators Atkins, Caballero, Rubio, and Wiener


SB 1120 did not pass Senate concurrence by the August 31st deadline.

Assembly Floor (8/31/20): 44 Yes / 18 No

Senate Floor (6/24/20): 39 Yes

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