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2022 Policy Framework

For the 2022 legislative session, California YIMBY has crafted a 5-part policy framework. The framework provides an overview of our priority policy areas this year. We’ll use the framework to guide our decisions about which bills we work on, including those we sponsor and those we sign on to as a supporter. The framework includes legislation that will:

  1. Legalize multi-family housing, and make it legal to build affordable, multi-family homes in wealthy neighborhoods, and in areas with abundant resources like schools, transit, jobs, and health care services.
  2. Protect vulnerable tenants from displacement by ensuring new housing includes robust protections for existing residents, and that the economic benefits of new housing are also captured by disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.
  3. Make it faster, cheaper, and easier to build homes by eliminating excessive fees, arbitrary regulatory hurdles, and other roadblocks local governments establish to delay or deny housing.
  4. Provide more public funding for subsidized and social/public housing to ensure low-, very-low, and unemployed Californians have safe, secure housing without rent burden.
  5. Ensure all Californians have secure housing during and after COVID-19 by protecting renters from being evicted for nonpayment and providing debt relief for tenants, small landlords, and affordable housing providers.

Research Catalog

Our research catalog is an ever-growing list of academic papers. While we do not endorse the papers on this list and this list is not exhaustive, it can certainly be used to better understand the causes and solutions to our housing crisis.