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The HomeWork: November 17, 2021

Welcome to the November 17, 2021 Main edition of The HomeWork, the official newsletter of California YIMBY — legislative… Read More

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‘Homes for human beings’: Millennial-driven anti-NIMBY movement is winning with a simple message

California’s unprecedented housing crisis has ushered a new power player onto the scene with a supply-and-demand message so succinct it could fit on a T-shirt: Build more homes. Read More

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Housing costs push Californians around

More than four in 10 California adults are seriously considering moving away from their part of the state because of the cost of housing, with the highest proportion in the coastal counties and the lowest in the state’s interior. Read More

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Searching for Solutions to SoCal’s Housing Crisis, YIMBYs Say ‘Yes’ to Development

A backlash against high rents and home prices in Los Angeles has produced a movement that is so open to new development that many call themselves YIMBYs — as in “Yes in My Backyard.” Read More

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Meet YIMBY: Pro-development groups join the battle in California housing wars

The residents, developers say, are NIMBYs — happy to see new shopping centers, apartment blocks and housing tracts, so long as they’re “not in my backyard.” Now, there’s a new player in this well-worn battleground: YIMBYs. Read More

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Yes, Red Tape and Fees Do Raise the Price of Housing

Few public policy issues can match urban housing politics for its incendiary combination of passion and misconception. To wit: the confounding idea that relaxing regulations… Read More

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California lawmakers have tried for 50 years to fix the state’s housing crisis. Here’s why they’ve failed

California’s housing affordability troubles have contributed to the state’s poverty rate, which is the highest in the nation. It also has burdened millions with high… Read More

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