2022 Legislation

2022 Policy Framework

For the 2022 legislative session, California YIMBY has crafted a 5-part policy framework. The framework provides an overview of our priority policy areas this year. We’ll use the framework to guide our decisions about which bills we work on, including those we sponsor and those we sign on to as a supporter. The framework includes legislation that will:

  1. Legalize multi-family housing, and make it legal to build affordable, multi-family homes in wealthy neighborhoods, and in areas with abundant resources like schools, transit, jobs, and health care services.
  2. Protect vulnerable tenants from displacement by ensuring new housing includes robust protections for existing residents, and that the economic benefits of new housing are also captured by disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.
  3. Make it faster, cheaper, and easier to build homes by eliminating excessive fees, arbitrary regulatory hurdles, and other roadblocks local governments establish to delay or deny housing.
  4. Provide more public funding for subsidized and social/public housing to ensure low-, very-low, and unemployed Californians have safe, secure housing without rent burden.
  5. Ensure all Californians have secure housing during and after COVID-19 by protecting renters from being evicted for nonpayment and providing debt relief for tenants, small landlords, and affordable housing providers.

2022 Sponsored Legislation


AB 2221 (Quirk-Silva)

This bill would accelerate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs, aka granny flats or casitas) development by clarifying ambiguities in existing law and removing arbitrary barriers that some cities have imposed on ADU development.

Learn more here.

Drawing of college housing being built

SB 886 (Wiener)

SB 886 will help universities build student housing faster and at lower cost by streamlining the environmental review process for housing on university-owned land that is neither at risk of fire, nor in a sensitive habitat. 

Learn more here.

Illustration: A house and an ADU holding hands and smiling standing in front of a welcome mat

AB 2097 (Friedman)

AB 2097 will reduce housing costs and slash climate and air pollution by eliminating expensive parking mandates on new homes built near high-quality transit. 

Learn more here.


AB 2873 (Jones-Sawyer)

This bill will advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by requiring developers that receive state affordable housing dollars to report if the firms they contract with are owned and operated by people of color, women, or LGBTQ+ people. 

Learn more here.

Illustration: A house and an ADU holding hands and smiling standing in front of a welcome mat

SCA 2 (Allen)

SCA 2 proposes to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution with the goal of making it legal to build low-income and public housing in California’s cities. 

Learn more here.

Budget Asks

We are asking the legislature and governor to expand funding for connected bikeways, land conservation, and funding for infrastructure to support infill development.

Learn more here.

2022 Priority Legislation

AB 889 - Property Owner Transparency

AB 2011 (Wicks)

AB 2011 allows for ministerial, by-right approval for affordable housing on commercially-zoned lands, and also allows such approvals for mixed-income housing along commercial corridors, as long as the projects meet specified affordability, labor, and environmental criteria.

Learn more here.

AB 889 - Property Owner Transparency

AB 2053 (Lee)

AB 2053 would establish a new, statewide social housing program that would fund, build, and manage affordable housing for both rent and homeownership.

Learn more here.

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